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Action: If Not Now, When?

It’s fashionable to talk about new-year resolutions at this time. What do you plan to achieve this year? After having decided, the next question is, if you don’t act now, when? Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead … Continue reading

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Distributed System: Efficiency and Independence

The world is moving from a concentrated system toward a real distributed system of independent operations enabled by modern technology. What do I mean? If you were a student of computer programming in the 1970s or earlier, you will remember … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize

The most common criticism about the award of the Nobel Peace Prize is what kind of peace has the winner brought to the world. I would counter with the question: What do you mean by peace? To restrict the meaning … Continue reading

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The Corporation and the Individual

In January 2010, the US Supreme Court removed the traditional legal limits on political contributions by corporations. The reason given was to guarantee equal freedom of speech to corporations as well as to individuals as provided by the US Constitution. … Continue reading

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The Courts and Their Powers

The court system is indispensable in a democratic society because of its independence in issuing opinions regarding justice and fairness. That’s why in a country where freedom of speech is lacking, the courts are never allowed such independence. They are … Continue reading

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Act Short Term To Build Long Term

People talk about short term and long term all the times. What do they really mean? A famous English economist, John M. Keynes, once said, “In the long run, we are all dead.” That is so true, but it does … Continue reading

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Three Kinds of Wisdom

The stock market is treacherous territory. You need plenty of wisdoms to survive and prosper as a player. The following are three kinds of wisdoms. Hope you know which kind you need. Conventional Wisdom Conventional wisdom is generally held as … Continue reading

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