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The Stories of Second Chance

We make mistakes in life, some of which may bury us forever. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that life is full of stories of second chance. I can point to three of the world’s biggest companies that went through … Continue reading

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Energy: Discovery and Usage

Nothing will happen without energy. The universe is filled with incredible energy that the human race is still in the process of discovering, not to mention utilizing it. Where does all the energy come from? Science has traced it back to the … Continue reading

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Food: What and How to Eat?

Rather than investing time to study specific food, I ‘d rather use common sense to improve my health. The reason is that the more I research, the more commercial data I tend to get. This casts doubts on whether my … Continue reading

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Food: Three Influences on Eating Habits

To make sense out of food, we must think about health and enjoyment. Our body is not a machine that just injects something to survive. Health and enjoyment should go hand in hand with food. Never force-feed the body with … Continue reading

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Symbols: Beware of their Emotional Effects!

Life is full of symbolism. We employ symbols to display, communicate, inspire, or a combination thereof. Symbols exist in various forms: gestures, objects, buildings, words, styles, or even a song or document. Symbols must project a clear idea or image in order … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be?

The choices we face everyday is usually in the form of either or. They are imposed on us by somebody else. Frequently, the choices are not even what we want to see. Is this something we should accept? When I … Continue reading

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How to Fight Terrorism

For more than four decades after World War II, the world was largely divided into two opposing camps, one led by the US, and the other led by the Soviet Union. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and China … Continue reading

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