Diversity and Strength

Do you agree that the more diversity we have in our lives, the stronger we shall become in various ways? Diversity covers many aspects as illustrated below:

Diversity is apparently a natural law of development. Look at the different species of plants and animals. There is plenty of diversity to amaze you. By observing the great diversity of life in the tropics, Charles Darwin discovered the powerful natural law of evolution that enables plants and animals to survive with the inherent capability to adapt to ever-changing environments.

People may take diversity for granted in daily life. What would it be like if the food offered in the supermarket was suddenly reduced by half? In fact, diversity is synonymous with choice. You don’t have a real choice if you don’t have a diversity of things to choose from. The quality of life decreases with less choice.

For those interested in pure breeds of dogs and horses, they are aware that pure breeds are harder to raise. They get sick more often and are less adapted to changing conditions. Cross breeding increases the chance of survival in the wild where adverse conditions abound.

What about diversity of viewpoints and talents? That is certainly desirable. The benefits brought about by diversity cannot be measured easily because they are deep and wide. When you look at a country, a government, a university or a company, the level of its development is directly related to the strength of its diversity in human resources. That is, more diversity in the talent pool will lead to more advanced development. When people work together, there exists something called synergy due to cross-fertilization of ideas and talents. As a consequence, the combined effect is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a growing multiplier effect that is beyond measure.

(January 2012)

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