To Be or Not To Be?

The choices we face everyday is usually in the form of either or. They are imposed on us by somebody else. Frequently, the choices are not even what we want to see. Is this something we should accept?

When I have dinner in a restaurant, the entrée normally includes soup or salad. Why can’t I have both? I won’t feel full and happy without both. I still have to find a restaurant that offers both as a niche. So I wind up paying a few dollars more to order both soup and salad. The point I want to make is that you can make life fuller and happier if you include more choices. You don’t have to pick either one. You can pick both, or even three, if you refuse to accept what is imposed upon you.

The following are examples of limited choices:

Only two political parties dominate US politics. Why not three or more?

Why must a woman choose between career, housewife, and kids? Can’t she have them all? In fact, many successful women do.

Why tax cuts for corporations and the rich appear to be the only necessary way to create jobs? Who promotes this kind of choice?

Why a small government must be good, and a big one must be bad? Are there such virtues as efficiency and optimal size?

Why do we have to pollute the environment to achieve economic growth? Can a polluted environment sustain economic growth? Can we do both at the same time? Can we make industries cleaner? Can green industries create jobs?

When we look around, the world is full of limited choices. The more we accept, the more limited choices will be presented to us. Things will not improve if we do not demand better. The conventional wisdom is that limited choices are due to limited resources such as time, money and other excuses. Let me point out the flaws of this conventional wisdom:

Time is not what you have. Time is what you make. Motivated people always find time to do whatever they want.

What you want to do depends on your attitude, motivation and energy, which originate from within you and are inexhaustible.

There exists something very powerful called synergy. When you succeed in connecting with other people of similar attitude and motivation, you will create incredible synergy. This is how companies and countries succeed.

Don’t you worry about money. It’s important but is secondary. Money will flow when you are doing the right thing.

(January 2012)

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