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The Art Of Problem Solving

Problem solving is more art than science even if it involves the most complicated technical skill. First of all, problem solving requires a positive attitude that things can be fixed. Else, no action will be taken. When difficulties arise in … Continue reading

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The Retail Revolution in America

The traditional retail business in America used to be small outlets owned and run by families, the so-called “mom and pop” shops. Nowadays, their survival is increasingly threatened by big chain stores such as Costco, Wal-Mart and Target that offer … Continue reading

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How To Appreciate Tai Chi

Most people learn Tai Chi through the “follow me” method where the instructor just moves without explaining the meaning and logic of each movement. As a result, the lesson becomes dry, hard to learn, and easy to forget. In fact, … Continue reading

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Emerging Industry: What Holds It Back?

An emerging industry must overcome three kinds of hurdles: vision, market, and government. The first one is the biggest handicap. If an investor thinks that something cannot fly, he won’t put in the money until another investor proves him wrong. … Continue reading

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Emerging Industry: What Makes It Big?

Emerging industry means two things: new and potential for growth. To evaluate the future success of an emerging industry, we need some insight as to whether the newness can gain traction, how big is the potential market, and what is … Continue reading

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Risk Approach In Selecting Stocks

Many people buy stocks due to positive reasons. For instance, the market is booming, friends buy and make money, experts advise strong buys, your special liking for certain companies, and so on. These are the situations where you should hold … Continue reading

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