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The Big Picture 2013 And Beyond

As the New Year is about to begin, I wish to talk about the big trends that are evolving and the potential consequences beyond. The global economy is slowly recovering led by the United States and China. In the US, … Continue reading

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My Practical View About Religion

Christmas is just around the corner. Despite its being commercialized as a holiday shopping season, Christmas should be about spirituality and religion. To go a little further, religion is about belief. Belief defines the human spirit that sets us apart … Continue reading

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Save Money to Save the Environment!

I urge all people to save money first if you really want to save the environment. How does that work? Although we may disagree on how to protect the environment, all of us will agree on saving fuels because energy … Continue reading

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Government, Business, and Greed

What should be the proper relationship between government and the business sector? Government and business don’t have to be adversarial toward each other like many people think. On the other hand, they must not allow corrupt money to seduce them … Continue reading

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