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Solar Stocks on the Rebound?

In my earlier essay entitled Solar Stocks: A Good Play? (February 2012), I described the short-term turmoil in the solar industry due to overcapacity and falling prices. Why short-term? The overcapacity will inevitably correct itself in view of the expanding … Continue reading

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Gun Control in America

In the renewed discussion about gun control in America after the Newtown massacre, I wish to put forward an idea that may work and is perfectly legal. The right to bear arms in America dates back to 1791 provided by … Continue reading

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Electric Battery: It’s the Chemistry

Besides powering consumer gadgets of all sizes, the electric battery industry has a new frontier – heavy-duty rechargeable batteries for the car market. This enormous opportunity is opening up as the electric car is gaining popularity and when people worry … Continue reading

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America Is Nuts!

Many of you will agree that America is full of nuts and crazy people. How do we know? We can see this everyday in the news, and in their political discussions being broadcast everywhere. All the big issues facing the … Continue reading

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What Is Happiness?

This is a perennial question that people ask. It is also a perennial pursuit even for kings and queens. Happiness is a complex yet simple thing subject to each individual’s feeling, yearning and effort. The answer lies within you, not … Continue reading

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