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Mass Consumption and the Environment

The adverse impacts of mass consumption on the environment are best illustrated by car ownership among many other things. In the US, the number of passenger vehicles has steadily risen to over 254 million (about 1.3 people per car). On … Continue reading

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How We Educate Ourselves

There is a long path for a person to develop from ignorance to insight. This path is called education. Education is a life-long learning process and takes many forms. It does not have to be formal like going to school … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience

Recently, a life-size statue of Rosa Parks was added to the US Capitol National Statuary Hall alongside other American icons. The first black woman being so honored, Rosa Parks did something quietly that ignited the Civil Rights movement of the … Continue reading

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The Great Chinese Impact

What are the impacts of a rising China on the rest of the world? To answer this question, we must bear in mind the following important facts: fast growing and modernizing economy; population 1.3 billion of which 9% comprising 55 … Continue reading

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