The Energy Story

Let me tell you a story about energy
Without which all things remain stationary.
Where does the ultimate energy come from?
The Big Bang, says scientific theory.
But where does the Big Bang come from?
Religion has answered to this mystery.

Energy is all around and not difficult to see
In fire, wind, tides, not to exclude gravity.
We know how to employ them since day one
But we seem to forget them one by one.
We’d rather find some things we don’t see
That lie beneath the soil and the sea.
They are oil, coal and natural gas
Burning to yield greenhouse gases.

Can we burn indefinitely this way?
If not, we must find a better way.
Though nature tolerates our wayward behavior
She always remains our ultimate savior.
We must not make nature our enemy.
Cooperating with her fulfills our true destiny.

All we need is some reinvention
Instead of immersing in permanent delusion.
Looking beyond oil and coal,
Why not the sun billions of years old?
There emits the light of life
That keeps our green planet alive.
The sun’s bountiful energy
Will be able to last indefinitely.
We’ve been postponing for so long
To turn photons into moving electrons.

There is something else we don’t see
That may one day provide great energy.
It does not lie beneath the ground.
It’s within us and everywhere if you look around.
The tremendous energy of atomic particles
Should be employed to benefit all people.

June 2013

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