Marching with the Young

A generational conflict exists
About ideas and attitudes that shouldn’t persist
The old fail to understand, say the young,
Yet do they understand their own young?
The point is everybody should not stop learning
In a world that is rapidly changing.

The young expect change to occur fast
But old ideas and traditions always die hard.
Since most powers are held by the older generation
The fight for change rests with the young generation.
Change only comes from within or without
The young must choose else they’ll lose out.

Some choose to fight from within
But the corruption of power makes it easy to give in.
Some feel hopeless about the situation
So the only way is to make a revolution.
Something’s really wrong with the rat race.
It’s the established interests so tough to erase.

They send the young out to war
So the military-industrial-complex benefits from war.
They deny climate change exists
For their oil and coal addictions can find no exit.
They treat those who protest with force and cruelty
In the name of preserving stability.

So my advice for the young and restless
Act with tact even when you’re fearless.
For anything you want to change
Identify the established interests along the chain.
Find a way to dilute their powers
Then the world will once again bloom with flowers.

June 2013

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