The Conservative Dilemma (II)

The Conservative Dilemma (II)

As the conservative pendulum swings away
Many ideas emerge to save the day.
The simplistic ideas of the past did not work.
A recently published article may find its worth
Written by B. Inglis and E. Lehrer
Who advocate a policy wiser and gentler.

They urge the conservatives to fight climate change
That provides a good cause for real change.
Instead of immersing in denials
They should embrace it for political survival.
How would they take on such an unlikely project?
Coupling it with taxes should make the main object.

Conservatives are obsessed with the level of taxation
Rather than where to tax to encourage production.
The US is burdened with a complex system of taxes
In the wrong areas like income and investment
While loopholes for evasion abound as legal inducement.

So the authors propose a special tax on pollution
In exchange for lower levels of other taxation.
This will add a new tax on carbon emissions
To be levied on industries with high pollution.
Although this seems a logical move
Wonder how Big Oil and its allies make their next move
Facing strong opposition from special interests,
Are conservatives willing to fight for the public interest?

July 2013

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