Free Lunch in Energy and Health

Without energy, nothing moves and everything dies. This shows energy and life are the same thing existing in different forms only. To improve our conditions, simply invest in two things – the energy we use and the life we live.

Is there any free lunch in this world? Everywhere! I can point to the same two areas: energy and health. For instance, air is free unless being polluted. Rain water is free unless the climate changes. The fish are free unless being overfished or polluted. Crops are grown free unless the soil is made over-dependent on fertilizers. If there is no free lunch, how can the monkeys pay for their fruits, and the goats pay for their grass?

As humans, we are accustomed to paying a high price for everything while complaining about no free lunch. The free lunch is here for us to harvest, but we have to do it wisely. If we overharvest, the free lunch will disappear. This is how Nature intends to provide. We take but ensure that Nature has enough time to grow back for retake. This is what we call sustainability nowadays.

A few tips to improve your health free:
*Walk or run an hour every day.
*Eat more food directly grown from the ground, and less others.
*Practice moderation in whatever you do.
*Maintain a balance in your thoughts and actions.

To improve your energy usage free:
*Wear warm clothing and turn down the heater.
*Wear light clothing and turn down the air-conditioner.
*Cut down unnecessary car driving.
*Turn the switch off if not needed.

The above are a few things that will add up significantly after a few months. The point is to do more with less. You will be surprised that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Many people say that it will cause too much inconvenience and discomfort that will reduce their productivity. It’s a matter of cultivating a new habit because the old one does not work anymore. The 21st century requires people to produce more with less.

In summary, to improve our living conditions, a proper balance between nature and human activities must be maintained. Nature provides for humans to consume and waste in a reasonable manner. This forms two sides of the equation – supply and demand. We can destroy the balance by overdoing it on the demand side because the supply side is not unlimited and is subject to our actions. To prevent this from happening, we must start by producing efficiently by consuming less and cutting down wastes. Since we are now spending huge amounts of resources on energy and health, it follows there exists tremendous potential for savings resulting from improved efficiency. These savings are essentially the free lunches that would have gone to waste if not harvested.

August 2013

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