The Dirty Dozen

The Climate Accountability Institute in Colorado has recently provided a different angle on air pollution. Instead of mentioning the top polluting countries, they give an account of the world’s top carbon-producing companies, of which the first twelve are called the “dirty dozen” by the Sierra magazine (July/August 2014).

According to the Institute, some 90 companies around the world account for about two-thirds of total greenhouse gas emissions. Among the top 12, one coal company makes the list. The rest are in the oil business. They are listed in descending order based on their percentage contribution to total emissions:

Chevron (USA) 3.52%
Exxon-Mobil (USA) 3.22%
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) 3.17%
BP (UK) 2.47%
Gazprom (Russia) 2.22%
Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands) 2.12%
National Iranian Oil (Iran) 2.01%
Pemex (Mexico) 1.38%
Conoco-Phillips (USA) 1.16%
Petroleos De Venezuela (Venezuela) 1.11%
Coal India (India) 1.07%
Peabody Energy (USA) 0.86%

The degree of pollution varies with the size of the company. One stands out which is Royal Dutch Shell. It is one of the top in revenues but ranks lower in pollution.

This list does not include any Chinese companies such as China National Petroleum and Sinopec. The reason is that they are latecomers despite having risen to the ranks of top oil producers.

July 2014

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