Conserving the Environment?

Since conservatism means preserve and protect for the benefit of society, a true conservative should embrace environmental protection as core value. In America, most conservatives are fake because they only know how to overexploit Mother Nature for their own selfish material benefits. This represents the biggest contradiction in conservative principles.

Why is environmental protection a core value? The answer is very simple. It is not only good for myself, but also good for my children and grandchildren, and the rest of the world. What are the benefits? They include fresh air, clean water, abundant wildlife, verdant vegetation, great sceneries, and mild climate. These are gradually disappearing from the face of the earth. Their degeneration adversely impacts our health, cost of living, production efficiency and our way of life. We can never appreciate these benefits if we stick with the selfish tunnel vision of profits for today.

In America, the traditional conservatives basically want two things – tax cut and government deregulation. This makes them tools of the rich who pay more taxes and want no rules to regulate their business dealings. Tax cut means reducing government revenues, which will lead to a neutered government lacking the funds to perform its duties. This sets up the stage for permanent class conflict between the rich and the poor, with the middle class being weakened.

The alliance between the rich and the conservatives has existed for decades in America. The former know how to use their power and tricks. The latter are only followers and puppets attracted to the simplistic ideas of lower taxes and less government regulations without realizing that the job of government is to regulate the economy and protect society from exploitation. To cover up their intentions, they routinely bring up two excuses – cut taxes to create jobs, and reduce funding to create a small and efficient government.

How can tax cuts create jobs? It only puts more money into the pockets of the rich because business investment depends mainly on market demands, not tax cuts. A small government does not guarantee efficiency. It can be as corrupt and bad as a big one. A more efficient government requires honest and dedicated people to work in it, not tax cuts. As the economy expands and advances, the size of government will grow accordingly. Increasing efficiency means better management and moral integrity on the part of government officials.

The alliance between the rich and the conservatives in America creates a vicious circle where the rich get richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class weakened further to join the poor. In the modern age, this vicious circle is compounded by a degenerating environment, which will come back to bite everybody, regardless of rich or poor.

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