Why So Complicated?

I have always thought that the world is logical, and that people will find the simplest way to do things that will minimize stress and increase happiness. On the contrary, people tend to make things more complicated beyond simple logic.

A friend of mine has lived with his girlfriend for almost three years. At a dinner with his family, he said he would save up some money, take her to a romantic place, have a diamond ring and a bouquet of flower ready, and propose to her.

His mother present at the dinner was shocked, “Why? You guys have slept with each other for so long. You already knew each other’s secrets. You even got used to each other’s smells and bad habits. Have you ever had any romantic moments these years? Why don’t you just tell her you want to marry her?”

“You don’t understand Mom. This is not how things are done.”

Well, I understand his mother more than my friend. He must be living in a movie world where things are supposed to be done in a certain way.

Another case regards a young married couple I knew. After having married for a few years, they cannot produce a baby even though they want it so much. Both of them are busy high-tech professionals. They complain that they don’t have much time to “get together”. This is probably the biggest reason.

However, there exists another reason. Both of them are details-oriented. They compile a chart showing when the ovulation will occur. Probably the lady will say, “Hey, let’s do it now. The time has come.” It all sounds too mechanical to me. Does making baby require some degree of feeling and sexual enjoyment? Why should it be restricted to ovulation time?

The wife’s mother said, “I don’t understand what the young people are up to these days. I have given birth to seven kids. I always had problems making fewer babies and I told my husband frequently to stay away. Look at her. She cannot even produce one!”

Once again, I agree with what the mother said. Don’t tell me that it is not how things are done in the modern world these days.

A third case involves a friend who told me that she had read on the Internet two things that can cure cancer, asparagus and ginger. They recommend making purees out of them and take a measured quantity every day. Why make things so mechanical and complicated? Why not just eat them since they are foodstuff?

According to my experience, we have eaten asparagus and ginger all our lives. There are so many Chinese dishes that take advantage of the good taste of asparagus and ginger combined with meat and vegetables. There are even ginger candies available. Most Chinese know that asparagus and ginger taste good. If they can cure cancer as claimed on the Internet, that’s even better! We hope that someday they will say Bok Choi, fried rice, chicken Chowmein, and sweet and sour pork cure cancer too!

Also, could somebody verify whether the Chinese have a low cancer rate since they have eaten many things that cure cancer?

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