What Can We Learn From A Cow?

You may laugh at this question but there is a lot for humans to learn from this domesticated animal. If not for its size, the cow might have ended up being a household pet like cats and dogs.

A cow needs almost no maintenance. You don’t have to feed her. Just leave her out in the field. She will eat grass all day and wait patiently for the chance to serve you. We depend on the cow for milk every day. In many countries where there are no machines to plow the land, the cow fulfills her duty with no complaints. For all the loyalty the cow bestows upon humans, we reward her by sending her to the dinner table in the form of steak, barbecued beef and hamburgers. We are truly a thankless kind.

Does a cow have emotions towards humans? On the surface, a cow always obeys even though it is much stronger than humans. We have found that cats and dogs have emotions when we keep them as pets. Likewise, owners of birds, snakes and exotic animals will tell you that their pets have emotions, too. We never know if we don’t raise cows as pets. We treat cows like a product to be consumed, the same way as pigs, chickens and most fish.

I find that cows teach us a good lesson about eating. Born as a herbivore, a cow only eats grass. So grass must taste better to the cow than anything else. How can it be? Well, every plant or animal has its own unique composition. A cow’s sense of smell and taste must have the capacity to distinguish the nutrients in the grass suitable for her body. This must be true for all other animals. In other words, a cow’s basic instinct tells her what to eat and what not to. Although she seems to be eating all day, a cow knows when to stop even though there is plenty of grass around. That is why we never see an overweight cow except those being fed by humans for the beef market.

On the other hand, humans don’t have (or have lost?) the animal instinct to tell what kind of food is good or bad to eat. As a result, we rely on artificial tastes we put into the food such as salt, sugar, sauce, pepper, and countless cooking methods. In modern days, we even rely on advertising and labeling, that is, we eat what the businessmen (or nutritional experts) tell us. This is ridiculous! We are not as smart as a cow when it comes to eating. That’s why many people eat junk food and many become overweight and diabetic. Also, our household pets tend to be overweight because we interfere with their eating process.

It’s interesting to compare how we eat with how other animals eat. The point is, they eat what their good instincts tell them. Whereas we eat according to tradition, convention, rumors, scientific research, but most likely, somebody else’s profit designs.

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