Humans’ Origin

We don’t know if a cow or a bee wonders what they are and where they come from. As humans we do.

Using spectral analysis, astronomers discover that the distant stars and planets are composed of the same common elements on earth such as hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. This invites the question why despite the huge distances between the heavenly bodies. It also implies that the whole universe may share a common origin as explained by the Big Bang Theory. The evidence of the Big Bang was established in 1965 by the cosmic microwave background radiation discovered accidentally by two American scientists who were later awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. So, if martians really exist, whether friendly or not, I’d like to call them distant cousins.

All scientists agree that they are only scratching the surface of knowledge. The origin of life and the universe will likely remain a mystery forever. How can we find an answer in our lifetime? We seek closure in three ways: Some people say that everything just happens by chance. Many believe that a creator exists who makes things happen. The rest prefer not to think about it.

I think but I don’t accept chance as explanation. How can things be random when all the laws of nature occur with indisputable constancy and precision? The existence of a creator appeals to reason although science can neither prove nor disprove it. If we want an answer, we must rely on faith which is not predicated by proof. Hence religion and science together fulfill two basic human needs. Religion answers to our longing for closure. Science satisfies our curiosity by perpetually revealing the wonders of creation that includes how living things are empowered to adapt and evolve in order to survive.

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