Evolution Is God’s Creation

Everywhere I look, I cannot stop marveling at the complex wonders of the world, especially how plants and animals evolve. As for myself, I know that I become wiser and more adaptable everyday because I learn new things. I also wonder what I am and where do I come from.

I cannot understand the perennial conflict between the religious nuts and the scientific nuts. The former denies evolution because they think that humans are special because they are created by God. Thus humans cannot evolve from a single-cell creature, leading to a monkey and then to a human through millions of years of evolution. Why not? This essentially makes humans special because we have become the most sophisticated creature, superior to a monkey, a rat or a snake. The religious nuts don’t have a clue about God’s plan, only to follow the Bible literally and blindly. God might have created just a single-cell creature and also designed its ability to evolve so that He can take a permanent rather than just a few days’ rest.

As for the scientific nuts, most of them are not even scientists. They think that everything occurs randomly and humans just happen to be here. If so, why there exist countless natural laws revealed in science that shows all living and non-living things follow defined patterns of growth and behavior that are either unchanged or slowly evolving? Are all these defined patterns such as the laws of gravity and thermodynamics random? They are not because one can predict the outcome as you need energy to jump up, and once the energy is exhausted, you will come back down. The universe in fact behaves in such a non-random manner that leads Stephen Hawking, a renowned scientist, to say that God has little choice once having created the universe.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that all living things begin with the simplest one-cell creature. Its evolution process is guided by an auto-pilot we may want to call natural selection or survival of the fittest. None of these can occur at random because they all follow from pre-defined natural laws of physics, chemistry and biology. However far we  want to trace their origins, we will eventually come to a common point where our intellect will call it creation, because nothing comes out of nothing. In modern days, we try to mimic the same process of creation and evolution by designing software that can learn and perform better, which we call artificial intelligence. The only difference is that it is artificial, meaning created only by humans and not out of nothing.

So I think that evolution must be part of God’s creation. They are by no means mutually exclusive. They form the whole package. Evolution is designed into this grand scheme so that all living things have the ability to learn to become more adaptable in order to survive.

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