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Our Brave New World

The modern world we live in is changing with accelerating speed. Our lives are going through a deep transformation propelled by technology on many fronts. Today, the computing power packed into a smart phone is said to exceed that used … Continue reading

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The Health Insurance Business

Insurance is not a product but a financial service. Unlike others, the selling point of insurance is risk. People buy insurance because they want to get compensation in case something bad happens such as an accident, a natural calamity, or … Continue reading

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Believing in Evolution

Being a Catholic, I have no problem believing in evolution because this scientific theory offers plenty of insights. Unlike many religious people, I don’t take the Bible literally, especially the Old Testament. As a general rule, words invented by humans … Continue reading

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Some Political Jokes

Based on journalists’ reports and other published materials, I have assembled the following jokes for your enjoyment. The contents are half real and half fiction. I wrote the fiction part by creating an imaginary context whose purpose is to give … Continue reading

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The 2016 US Election

Winners and losers are only separated by a thin line. Many people have crossed that line, some more than once. Thomas Edison once said, ”I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Most people don’t have … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

A young man from China arrived in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. He knew very little English but was eager to adopt a convenient English name for a new life. His friend had advised to use Sam Ding, which … Continue reading

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Answering the Herbalist’s Call

I was born in 1950 into an herbalist family in Guangzhou, Southern China. We moved to South Vietnam because my father got a contract as a Chinese herbalist in the Cantonese Hospital in Cholon, the sprawling Chinatown adjacent to Saigon … Continue reading

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