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Some Political Jokes

Based on journalists’ reports and other published materials, I have assembled the following jokes for your enjoyment. The contents are half real and half fiction. I wrote the fiction part by creating an imaginary context whose purpose is to give … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

A young man from China arrived in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. He knew very little English but was eager to adopt a convenient English name for a new life. His friend had advised to use Sam Ding, which … Continue reading

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Answering the Herbalist’s Call

I was born in 1950 into an herbalist family in Guangzhou, Southern China. We moved to South Vietnam because my father got a contract as a Chinese herbalist in the Cantonese Hospital in Cholon, the sprawling Chinatown adjacent to Saigon … Continue reading

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Weight Control, Four Aspects

Regarding weight control, we should pay attention to four important aspects: quantity, variety, mobility and junk food. The first aspect is very obvious. Have you ever seen a fat person living in starvation? You gain weight from too much food … Continue reading

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How Do Ants Communicate?

Something strange happened that made me wonder how ants communicate. One day after dinner, I was about to clear away the leftover food but was interrupted by my favorite TV program. An hour later when I came back to the … Continue reading

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Make Feng Shui Work For You

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy with plenty of practical usage. It adds a new dimension to architecture and interior design not only for the enhancement of aesthetics, but also health, job performance and luck. Due to its metaphysical … Continue reading

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Internet Knowledge

The Internet is a modern medium where people access to find information so knowledge is spread easily and quickly. Then we should ask, what is knowledge? If we consider knowledge as truth, all the non-truth are simply rumors, misinformation, propaganda, … Continue reading

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