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Action: If Not Now, When? (Dec 2011)
Agriculture: The Primary Industry (Dec 2011)
Agricultural Pollution (May 2014)
America Is Nuts (Jan 2013)

American Exceptionalism (Feb 2017)

The Angry Americans (Apr 2016)
Erosion of the American Dream (Feb 2014)

What Propels the American Dream (Sept 2015)

How Do Ants Communicate? (Aug 2016)

Question your Assumptions (Jan 2012)

The Automobile Culture (June 2013)
The Future of the Automobile (October 2012)
How Should Banks Be Regulated? (May 2012)
Back to Banking Basics (April 2013)
The Bar Code: A Silent Revolution (Feb 2012)
Battery Technology is Key (Aug 2014)
The Big Picture 2013 And Beyond (Dec 2012)
The Next Big Thing (Jan 2012)
To Be or Not To Be? (Jan 2012)

To Bet or Not to Bet (Mar 2017)
Bio-Hacking (Sept 2014)
The Blame Game (Jun 2012)
Bottom-Up Economics of the 21st Century (Dec 2011)

Our Brave New World (Aug 2017)
Buddhism’s Inner Peace (May 2013)
California Woes (Jan 2012)
The Carbon in our Life (May 2013)
Carbon Cap And Trade in California (November 2012)
Capitalism and Communism: Their Common Flaws (Dec 2011)

Capitalist Revolution in China (Jun 2016)
Cash from Trash (Jan 2014)
China and USA: Two Strange Bedfellows (Dec 2011)
Will China overtake the US? (Jan 2012)
The Great Chinese Impact (Mar 2013)
The Crowds in China (July 2014)
Individual Citizen Rights (July 2013)
Civil Disobedience (March 2013)
Class Warfare in America: The Big Winners (Sept 2012)
Class Warfare in America: The Big Losers (Sept 2012)
The New Climate Conversation (Dec 2014)
Coal on the Decline? (August 2014)
Colonialism (Jan 2012)

European Colonization (Dec 2017)

Compassion For Others (Jan 2018)
Free Market Competition: With or Without Rules? (June 2012)
Why So Complicated? (Apr 2015)
Conservation in a Culture of Waste (Sept 2012)
Conservatives Are Besieged By Change (Oct 2012)
The Conservative Dilemma (I) (Feb 2013)
The Conservative Dilemma (II) (July 2013)

The Angry Conservative (August 2015)
Conserving the Environment? (Jan 2015)

Conservative Disconnects (May 2016)
Mass Consumption and the Environment (Mar 2013)
Three Greatest Contradictions (Apr 2015)
Corporate Power (Mar 2014)
The Corporation and the Individual (Dec 2011)
Corporations and Employment (Jan 2012)
Corporations and Quality of Life (Jan 2012)
Big Legal Corruption in America (Oct 2012)
The Courts and Their Powers (Dec 2011)

What Can We Learn From A Cow? (Aug 2015)
Creative Destruction (Sept 2013)

Critical Thinking (Oct 2016)
The National Debt: How Do Nations Compare? (Jan 2012)
Defacing Traffic Signs (Dec 2013)
Democracy: Its Foundations (Jan 2012)
Democracy and Market System (Jan 2012)
Democracy: Trust The People (Nov 2012)
Democracy is Messy (July 2013)
What is Good Democracy? (Apr 2015)

Think, Democrats, Think! (Nov 2016)
The Dirty Dozen (July 2014)

The Next Big Disruptions (Aug 2016)
Distributed System: Efficiency and Independence (Dec 2011)
Diversity and Strength (Jan 2012)

Doing Well by Doing Good (Sept 2015)
“Drill, Baby, Drill”: Will It Work? (Mar 2012)
Driverless Cars (Nov 2014)

Economies of scale (Jun 2016)
Education and Schooling (Jan 2012)

The 2016 US Election (Jun 2017)

Election Blowback (Feb 2016)
Electric Battery: A Critical Enabling Technology (Feb 2012)
Electric Battery: It’s the Chemistry (Jan 2013)
Electric Cars: A Strategic Industry? (May 2012)

The Electric Motor (Nov 2017)
Green Electrification Can Go Far (Nov 2012)
The Magic of Electricity (October 2012)
Electrification Third Stage (Feb 2015)
Age of Printed Electronics (May 2012)
Emerging Industry: What Makes It Big? (Apr 2012)
Emerging Industry: What Holds It Back? (Apr 2012)
Energy: Discovery and Usage (Jan 2012)
Energy Efficiency: The Key To National Power (Jun 2012)

The Flat-Earth Concept (May 2018)
Free Lunch in Energy and Health (Aug 2013)
The Energy Story (June 2013)

Phasing Out Explosion Energy (Mar 2016)
The Environment Bomb (May 2012)
Save Money to Save the Environment! (Dec 2012)
The Environment Is a Moral Issue (Jun 2015)
Alternative Energy: Handicaps and Promises (Feb 2012)

Evolution Is God’s Creation (Jan 2017)

Believing in Evolution (Jul 2017)
Executive Pay: One-Dollar Salary? (Aug 2012)
Feedback: Positive versus Negative (Jan 2012)

Make Feng Shui Work For You (Dec 2015)
Financial Innovation: Beware! (Jan 2012)
Food: Three Influences on Eating Habits (Jan 2012)
Food: What and How to Eat? (Jan 2012)
Fuel Efficiency Kicks In (Feb 2015)
Global Warming Perceptions (Mar 2013)
Globalization: What It Means (Jan 2012)
Globalization: Old and New  (Jan 2012)

A Pragmatist’s View of God (Jul 2015)
How Big A Government Do We Want? (Sept 2012)
Government, Business, and Greed (Dec 2012)

Government Haters (Oct 2016)

What Makes Good Government? (Nov 2015)
How Does a Grassroots Movement Succeed? (Feb 2012)
Gun Control in America (Jan 2013)
What Is Happiness? (Jan 2013)
Happiness, Money and Power (May 2015)
The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 (Jun 2012)
Health Insurance in Jeopardy? (Dec 2011)
Is Health Insurance Necessary (Apr 2014)
Obamacare for the Regular Guy (Oct 2013)
Does Health Insurance Work? (Dec 2014)

The Health Insurance Business (Jul 2017)
Free Lunch in Energy and Health (Aug 2013)

Answering the Herbalist’s Call (May 2017)
Hip Replacement: I Salute My Surgeon (Feb 2012)
Humans and Animals (July 2013)
How Humane Are Humans? (May 2015)
Human Capital: How to Develop? (Jan 2012)

Human’s Origin (Jan 2016)
Human Resource: Its Decay and Corruption (July 2012)
Human Rights: To Expose Or To Enforce? (Jan 2012)
A Hydrogen Future? (Oct. 2014)
America’s Image Abroad (Jan 2012)
Wrong Incentives (Jan 2012)
Inequality American Style (August 2012)
The New Inflation (June 2013)
Insights Gained From Reading (Dec 2011)

Internet Knowledge (Oct 2015)
Japan Aging (Jan 2012)
Job Loss due to Income Inequality (Jan 2012)

What Causes Job Loss?

Some Political Jokes (Jun 2017)
The Limits of Language (Aug 2013)
Laughable Comments by US Politicians (Jul 2012)
Leadership: Vision, Courage and Conscience (Dec 2011)
How Do We Learn or Fail To Learn? (Nov 2012)
The Liberals’ Challenge (Feb 2013)
Let There Be Light? (Nov 2014)
Is Majority Power an Illusion? (Feb 2012)
Manufacturing in 3D (Aug 2013)
Can the Market Deliver the Right Price (Mar 2012)
How to Safeguard the Free Market? (Jan 2012)
Free Market Illusions (1) (Dec 2014)
Middle Class: The Big Squeeze (Dec 2011)
Middle Class Impacts (Jan 2015)
The Hungry Middle Class (Aug 2014)

Rape of the Middle Class (Mar 2017)

The Military-Industrial Complex (Feb 2017)
Money, Credit, and Trust (Mar 2012)
Money and Power (Sept 2014)
The Multiplier Effect (Sept 2013)
My Musical Experiments with Piano and Trumpet (Feb 2012)
Myth, Power and Wealth (Mar 2012)
Natural Gas in Transportation (Dec 2011)
Managing Natural Resources (Feb 2013)

Message and Messenger (Dec 2016)

World’s Biggest Middlemen (Apr 2017)
Nature’s Four Fundamental Forces (Dec 2011)
The Power of Nature (Jan 2012)

Nature Has Limits (Oct 2015)
Near Field Communication (Nov 2013)
Nobel Peace Prize (Dec 2011)

Replacing Obamacare (Jan 2017)

Obama’s Green Legacy (Nov 2016)
The Ocean and Its Health (Jun 2012)
The Oil Curse (May 2013)
Overcoming the Oil Curse (May 2013)
Peak Oil, Part I (Sept. 2013)
The Future of Oil (Mar 2015)
The Rise and Fall of Oil (Feb 2012)
US Tops World Oil Production (Nov 2012)
Outer Space Answers To Our Needs (Aug 2012)
The Peace Dividend (Jan 2012)
Personal Computer: End of the PC Era? (Dec 2011)
American Politics (Jan 2012)
The Population Bomb (June 2013)
Power and Wealth: The Eternal Struggle (Dec 2011)
Power: Hard and Soft (Jan 2012)
Two Presidents: Obama and Reagan (Jan 2012)
US Presidential Election: Counting Electoral Votes (Mar 2012)
The Free Press (Dec 2011)
The Wisdom of Prevention (Feb 2012)
The Art Of Problem Solving (Apr 2012)
Quotes to Savor (Dec 2011)
Quotes to Savor, Part II (July 2012)
Quotes to Savor, Part III (Oct 2013)
Racial and Ethnic Conflicts (Jan 2012)
Reason and Truth (Dec 2011)
How Real is Reality? (Dec 2011)
The Wisdom of Recycling (Apr 2013)

The Dangers of Reductionism (Dec 2016)
My Practical View About Religion (Dec 2012)
Religion, Faith, and Science (Dec 2011)
The Retail Revolution in America (Apr 2012)
If I Were Rich (Oct 2012)
Risk Approach In Selecting Stocks (Apr 2012)

The Royal Wedding (Jun 2018)
How Exact is Science? (Dec 2011)
The Stories of Second Chance (Jan 2012)
Securitize Housing To Bubble (Apr 2013)
Act Short Term To Build Long Term (Dec 2011)
Short Term vs. Long Term (Oct 2013)
The Silicon Era: When will it end? (Dec 2011)

Sleep Problems (Sept 2016)
Smart Grid: New Investment in Electricity (Dec 2011)

Science, Religion and God’s Plan (Nov 2015)

The German Solar Effort (Apr 2017)
Market Forces Drive Solar (Mar 2014)
The Car, the House and the Sun (Feb 2014)
Solar Breakthroughs (Dec 2013)
Solar Panel on Every Roof? (Sept 2012)
Solar And Wind Together (May 2013)
Solar Stocks: A Good Play? (Feb 2012)
Solar Stocks on the Rebound? (Jan 2013)
Solar Stocks Recovering (Oct 2013)

What Makes a Superpower (1) (Feb 2018)

What Makes a Superpower (2) (Mar 2018)

What Males a Superpower (3) (Apr 2018)
Stock Market Investing: Some Insights (Dec 2011)
Playing Stocks in a Slow Economy (Jul 2014)
Is the Stock Game Rigged (Jan 2014)
US Student Loans (Jun 2014)
Success: What does it take? (Dec 2011)
Sun Power: The Global Solar Market (Dec 2011)
Opposition to Solar (May 2014)
What Is Spirituality? (Sept 2014)
How I Pursue Spirituality (Mar 2015)
A Lesson in Sustainability (Apr 2014)
Sustainability: Nature Imposes Its Limits (Dec 2011)
How Can Growth Be Sustained? (Jul 2012)
Symbols: Beware of their Emotional Effects! (Jan 2012)
How to Appreciate Tai Chi (Apr 2012)
Tax Cuts and Jobs (Sept 2012)

Technological Change (Jan 2017)
Technology and the Middle Class (Feb 2013)
How to Fight Terrorism (Jan 2012)
The Mystery of Time (Feb 2012)
The Power and Mystery of Time (Oct 2014)

Lost in Translation (May 2017)
Transparency (Jan 2012)

Future Transportation (July 2016)
Trump Has A Point (May 2016)

Twitter Power (Nov 2013)
How Effective Is the United Nations? (Dec 2011)
Vicious Circles in Life (Jul 2012)
Vision Drives Success (Aug 2012)
One Person One Vote (Jan 2015)
Waste of Materials (Jul 2012)
Waste of Talents (Aug 2012)
Water: A Critical Resource (Dec 2011)
Fresh Water Recycling (May 2012)

Weight Control, Four Aspects (Sept 2016)

White House Drama (Sept 2017)
Wind Power Comes Of Age (Apr 2013)
Distributed Wind Production (Mar 2014)
Three Kinds of Wisdom (Dec 2011)
Word Power (Dec 2011)
Words to Entertain (Dec 2011)
Meaning of Work: To Make A Difference (Feb 2011)
Marching with the Young (Jun 2013)


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