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Hip Replacement: I Salute My Surgeon

I had been suffering from joint pains at the hip for a long time to the extent that I needed a cane to walk for some 18 months recently. The X-ray showed that the cartilage at both hip joints had … Continue reading

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Electric Battery: A Critical Enabling Technology

What is an enabling technology? The brain is the ultimate enabling technology without which no human invention is possible. Since food nourishes the body and the brain, agriculture, both traditional and modern, qualifies as an enabling technology, too. A third … Continue reading

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Meaning Of Work: To Make A Difference

When I go to work everyday, sometimes I cannot help asking, what is the purpose? It’s easy to say I work for a living. Is that all there is to it? Many people think so. If you want to see … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Time

Time is a mysterious thing we live with everyday. Time is virtual as opposed to physical, because we cannot see or touch it. Time is free, which we live and sleep through. Nevertheless, we have to yield when the time … Continue reading

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Solar Stocks: A Good Play?

In recent months, all solar stocks have come down to near bottom as a result of three factors: fast falling prices due to technology advance; reduced government subsidies in top markets like Germany and Italy; and overcapacity in production and … Continue reading

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The Barcode: A Silent Revolution

When I go to the library, supermarket, department store or other retail outlets, I notice the barcode on nearly every product. Lately, a new kind of barcode also appears on newspapers where you can scan it with your smartphone for … Continue reading

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Is Majority Power an Illusion?

In a democratic society, majority power is embodied in the basic rule that the majority vote wins. The voting result means that the people have spoken, so to speak. This rule is just a convenience to make democracy works because … Continue reading

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