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Waste of Talents

The waste of talents is very different from that of materials. While materials must exist in abundance for people to waste, talents are not easily visible in a person, especially in a child. It is very hard to tell how … Continue reading

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Outer Space Answers To Our Needs

Exploring outer space represents the burning human desire for knowledge. Besides technology, it takes a dream, a vision, a lot of creativity, and last but not least, daring. These are the qualities that fuel our progress and make us human. … Continue reading

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Executive Pay: One-Dollar Salary?

According to a recent survey conducted by the Institute For Policy Studies, the top 26 companies in the United States paid their CEO’s more than they paid taxes to the federal government in 2011. Each CEO received an average of … Continue reading

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Vision Drives Success

For a big project to succeed, it requires a vision to be understood and embraced by all the people involved. The vision serves as a common purpose for each person working on any part of the project. It gives meaning … Continue reading

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Inequality American Style

In the United States, the top 20 percent now pay 94 percent of all income taxes. This is success American style, albeit a very lopsided one. In other words, for every $100 of income tax collected by the government, the … Continue reading

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