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Carbon Cap And Trade in California

California is the first state in the US to implement cap and trade for carbon this year. In the first auction of greenhouse gas emission permits, a total of $233 million was raised by the government at a price of … Continue reading

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How Do We Learn or Fail To Learn?

Learning is an effort driven by self-interest. You learn because you think it is good or fun, no matter how hard the process may entail. Nobody can force you to learn just like nobody can force a horse to drink. … Continue reading

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Democracy: Trust The People

Democracy basically means that the political parties listen to the people, and fulfill the aspirations of the majority as expressed in a fair election. Where can you find the majority? The rich is far from being a majority. That’s why … Continue reading

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Green Electrification Can Go Far

The world is facing a daunting energy challenge due to over-dependence on non-renewable and polluting fossil fuels. We can overcome this complex challenge with one brave stroke – electrification using green energy sources. At present, most electricity produced is derived … Continue reading

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US Tops World Oil Production

The United States is on track to become the world’s biggest oil producer in a couple of years. Will this change the global oil picture? What are the implications for the environment and Middle East peace? An oil boom is … Continue reading

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