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US Presidential Election: Counting Electoral Votes

The US presidential election is not straightly based on national popular vote. The Constitution stipulates that the president must win the majority of the electoral votes rather than the national popular votes. It has happened four times in the past … Continue reading

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“Drill, Baby, Drill”: Will It Work?

During the Republican National Convention of 2008, the slogan “Drill, Baby, Drill” showed how far the oil industry had managed to dictate to a major political party. The commercial purpose is obvious. Big Oil wants less government regulation, hence a … Continue reading

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Can The Market Deliver The Right Price?

As you know, price is determined by supply and demand. The market is the only place where supply meets demand to yield the right price. The market is never perfect and is never free although we like to think it … Continue reading

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Myth, Power and Wealth

Myth, power and wealth all go together. If you possess one, you enhance the other two. Myth has a lot to do with human perception and imagination based on the level of wealth and fame. Myth thrives on ignorance, too. … Continue reading

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Money, Credit, and Trust

Although reputed to be the root of all evils, money is perhaps the greatest invention of humankind considering its impacts on the way we do business. Money serves two fundamental purposes: convenience and trust, without which the world could never … Continue reading

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